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i've always loved the four cylinder TR's....i love the way my car sounds, the looks of the TR2/3/4's, and the masculinity of the cars.

....but tonight i had an awakening. i've never really appreciated the TR6, until tonight. if you go to Google Video, and also YouTube, and type in TR6, there are some truly awesome sounding cars on there. I LOVE the sound of the straight six. ....the porsche six has a lovely sound, but the TR is just aggressive! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cheers.gif

Mickey Richaud

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I love the sound, too!

Some people just don't get it though.

I took a automotivly unenlightened friend out for a spin last night... Here is how it went:

"Why is it backfiring so much?"
"That's not backfire... that's British purr."
"Is that what you call it? Well then, why is it purring so much?"
"That's the way it's suppose to sound... it's exaust note."
"It sounds like a motorcycle. Are you sure it's supposed to sound this way?"
"*sigh* Yes."


Jedi Trainee
the triumph six pot truly makes a unique note.our car was pulled three times, and all the police were interested in was looking underneath bonnet, and asking why it was so loud! one of my favourite tricks was to accelerate, then let car run down on its own, talk about distant thunder!!always attracted attention.

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