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Awakening the Smooth Case Transmission


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Since the car is now at the paint shop and the 948 is rebuilt, I am getting the smooth case ready for the car. The transmission has sat at least 8 years and may be since 1977 (last tags on the car). Opening it up it looks clean (however it had the oil drained out as the pulg was only finger tight. What should I do other then replacing the gaskets to get it ready to go. Any seals that should be replaced?

P.S. Do not say put a ribbed case in :devilgrin:


apbos said:
P.S. Do not say put a ribbed case in :devilgrin:

Ok - Put in a 5 speed!



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You guys are evil :devilgrin: :iagree:


OK- kidding aside I would seal it with Permatex (blue) and try it before replacing anything. There is nothing like driving it to see what it needs and when you need to pull it out because of those things then you haven't wasted any gaskets so you can go straight to the 5-speed :smile:


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Synchros for the smooth case are not typically replaceable given the processes required to do so. If yo have a Bentley manual, those things are outlined. I would inspect condition of those before investing any money, If those are good, I think bearings and thrust washers would be the next order of business. I believe there is a bushing in the tailshaft the should be inspected for wear also. I've rebuild numerous rib case boxes, but I've only ever rebuilt one smoothcase ( a long, long time ago), so my practical experience is limited. I've never done it myself, so I can't advise on this point, but I understand rib case internals can be installed in a smooth case if you goal is to appear original.

Regarding gaskets, I don't believe sealer was used when building these originally and I really don't like silicone (overkill, if you ask me). If you want to use something, Hylomar is a much better option. Less chance of gobs breaking free and getting in the working bits. It also makes removal of the gaskets easier and reusable if you have to open it again.

I have one or two smoothcase transmission that I believe are in good condition if you run into a disaster for some reason.


I'm watching this thread closely.

I'm just starting down the path of putting rib case internals into my smooth case. The rib case I have has a cracked housing and the smooth case has some rust in the internals.


I have a good smoothcase attached to a very good 948 if you, or any one else, are interested.

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