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General Tech Awakening a Sleeping MGB

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Basil submitted a new resource:

Awakening a Sleeping MGB - A checklist created my Tony Barnhill (RIP) regarding things to check before starting a dormant MGB

This checklist was created by BCF member and former MG forum moderator (and good friend) Tony Barnhill. It lists many things to check before starting and driving a long-dormant MGB. While he wrote this with the MGB in mind, it is fair to say that much of this checklist would be applicable to many of our little British cars.

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Great Pumpkin
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If Tony wrote it, it has to be correct My good friend as well.


Great Pumpkin
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The loss of Tony was a lost encyclopedia on British cars! Like a lot of others, I really miss the guy.


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As do a lot of us here. I did not know him personally, but spoke to him through the BCF.
Took the wind out of my MG sails when he passed and really made me stop and think about a lot for a good long while.
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