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Almost ready to start roller paint job


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So after a lot of consternation and procrastination, I decided to pull the trigger on my roller paint job. I ordered white Brightside paint and their primer. I have a vacation/work trip this weekend, the paint should arrive by the time I get back. I will start on the second weekend in June.

Any hints or tips from those that have been down this road?

If anyone else is interested in brightside, the best price is jamestowndistributors.com and they have a flatrate shipping coupon right now - $9.99 and no tax. Gallons are cheaper, but colors are limited. Fortunately white is one of the gallon colors. All of the prices are ~25% cheaper than my local boat paint dealer.


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David, I would look at the various boating forums for advice using this paint. Blow boaters do a lot of their own painting and another forum is the hull truth, thehulltruth.com. Make sure you get a clean, smooth surface before you begin...nothing worse than having the new paint crack and peel in a few weeks.


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you might reconsider the roller, it will leave texture and hard to apply in some areas with roller.
I have painted quite a few vehicles with a good quality paint brush. the results have been surprising.
biggest problem is too much paint applied. paint needs to be 2 thin coats


Great Pumpkin
Use hardener for sure. Otherwise, your single-stage paint may take forever to harden and will be "mushy" for months.

~This Stuff~ works good.

I did much of my '73 "Red Rat" Midget with a foam brush and roller. I also did pretty modest prep. The car was orginally slated to junked but I had a change or heart because it was so solid.....still, didn't want to get too invovled with it since I had other projects going on. I figure the next owner can do it better. :friendly_wink:

Red Rat Midget:


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