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ALERT: MG Parts Stolen in Detroit!


Jedi Warrior
ALERT: MG Parts Stolen in Detroit!

From a list or 2 elswhere on the 'net...

ALERT: MG Parts Stolen in Detroit

One of an MG club's most dedicated members had one of his business in Detroit broken into while he was away. They smashed down an access door, then used his MGB to batter their way into the main plant and steal anything copper, brass or aluminum.

What they got away with were some priceless parts. Gone were TD, TF, TC, TA and SA radiators, all of the aluminum SU carbs and manifolds for the SA, the
MGB and 6000 lbs of aluminum. Many of these parts are irreplaceable, especially the pre-war items.

Most likely they have been sold for scrap, but keep an eye out anyway. If you see any of these items showing up in classifieds, on eBay or anywhere else, please post a message.

Click the link below for more details or to report any possible leads:


Peter C.


Re: ALERT: MG Parts Stolen in Detroit!

That was a message I sent out to a local list. Apparently it somehow made its way around the country!


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Re: ALERT: MG Parts Stolen in Detroit!

News travels...


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Re: ALERT: MG Parts Stolen in Detroit!

That really stinks. Metal to them but a lifetime of collecting and restoring to one of our own.


Great Pumpkin
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Re: ALERT: MG Parts Stolen in Detroit!

Stuff like that really Irritates me!
I hope that they try to sell it to an honest
recycling place,who then contacts the police.
We can only hope.

- Doug
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