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ALERT ! Healeys Return to Bonneville.


Jedi Warrior
This evening I received an Email from Bruno Verstraete asking that all that plan to attend the Healeys Return to Bonneville event please fill out a Registration Form and return it to him.

This Registration Form will give the event planners some idea of who is coming and who will be attending what. It will also get you a FREE event T-shirt.

Because Sherry and I have already traveled from Dallas to Denver on our way to the salt, I do not have access to my web server to upload a copy of the Registration Form for you to download.

If you ARE going to the Bonneville Salt Flats to be a part of this momentous occasion and have NOT received the Registration Form from Bruno, I will send you a copy if you will Email me at timm@healey.org and ask for one.

Tim Moran - timm@healey.org
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