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AH3000 - gas cap


Jedi Trainee
Evening gents....

I'd like to change my stock Healey "screw on" gas cap for a monza type flip top from a TR6. I find the Healey cap to be quite a tight fit, and at times can be a bit of a pain to remove, especially with greasy paws. I have a nice TR6 dull aluminum one with a vent hole on the side. The Healey gas cap doesn't appear to be vented. Should I plug up the vent on the TR6 cap, or does it matter?

Any comments?



Jedi Trainee
Healey cap is vented(original that is), greasy paws? hope not. Do not plug vent, I like the looks of TR-6 cap also. Genos2
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Be sure of the diameter of the pipe fit. I have a nice chrome one that it 1/4 too small for the Healey. It was suppose to come for a Triumph but I'm not sure which model.
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