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AH 3000 aluminum gas tank


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Why is it by the time you've tackled the (apparently) simplest of jobs, you've had to drag out every tool in the garage, and several others that you've managed to bum from the neighbour. Anyhow, I picked up a new aluminum gas tank at a great price that had been sitting around in someone else's garage for years, but it was missing the large sealing bolt on the bottom. The question I have is should I be using a stainless steel bolt as a replacement, to prevent galvanic reaction? Or maybe some anti-seize? As well, what about the gas line feed? Looks like it's a brass nut - could I perhaps use some teflon tape on the tank threads, or will it react with the gas? I'm also assuming that the large sealing bolt is the same dimension (it's a big mother) whether the tank is steel or aluminum....... Any other precautionary thoughts on aluminum tanks would be appreciated. Nothing like working on a Healey to remind yourself how old you're getting, and why those little Mazdas look better every day. OK back off, and drop that Churchill hub puller - I was just kidding. Cheers Dave


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One thing you need to verify is if the pickup tube is correct. Mine was over an inch off the bottom, resulting in running out of gas early, especially on hills. Did I mention I live on a hill. With some gas resistent tape any nut should be fine.

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Hmmm - thanks for the reply JAV. Wouldn't have thought of the pick up tube. How did you determine that yours was off the bottom? I can't see much inside of mine because of the inner baffles............Norton Commando, nice brute. I assume it's the 750?
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Teflon tape isn't actually used for sealing, it's to lubbricate the threads so that the fittings can be drawn up tight. I typically don't use Teflon on brakes or fuel systems, and it would not provide any barrier between dissimilar metals. Honestly, I'd be more worried about the fitting seizing, that eroding, so without doing any research on the topic, I'd grab a brass plug. Aluminum and stainless steel are both soft metals, so seizing would be a possibility. Anti-seize is rarely a bad idea, and my can of choice is Thomas & Betts' Kopr-Shield.

I solved the "running out of gas uphill" problem by having my tank built with the pickup at the rear of the tank. I bought the car when I lived in San Francisco...


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Thanks for your input Randy. I'll see if I can find a brass plug as suggested. Interestingly I did some research on the net and as you point out, using Teflon tape for gas/gasoline fittings is not recommended. It seems that the recommended method is using Permatex Aviation sealant, or Loctite 577 on the threads, which like anti-seize, provides a barrier between dissimilar metals, as well plugging any prospective leak. God knows the beast leaks like a Liberian tanker in any case. Cheers. Dave


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I would just add that Permatex makes sealants for fuel fittings and is like a paste you can apply. Ive had great success with it, better than cranking down on a tiny never stop leak, like the ones just above the exhaust pipes, oh yea FUEL PUMP location!!! I had a nagging drip, used it on inlet and outlet there and tank, no worries and feel a lot safer...
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