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AC Fuel Pump Diaphram - NOS Diaphram


Need suggestions for sourcing a NOS diaphram or after-market black one of the correct laminated (bad photo but actually 3-layers) construction and material. The ones I have seen , being sold now, are red and single layer, non-laminated. I have been told that they (the new red diaphrams) have a very poor service record. The 50 year old one in the photo came out of my original pump and does not leak. I thought it was prudent to replace it even though it does not leak and the pump works fine

Andrew Mace

Staff member
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Are the 'red' ones typical current replacements, or are they actually very old replacement stock? I ask because I helped a friend resurrect a late 1930s Austin a couple years back. Like so many other LBCs, it used a typical British AC pump. He had a very old stock pump rebuild kit -- AC branded -- that included one of those red diaphragms. (Of course, the problem turned out to be goop plugging the fuel tank outlet, but....)


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I've had good luck with Antique Auto Parts Cellar, 6 Chauncy St., South Weymouth MA 02190 781-335-1579. I've only purchased complete kits (including the oil seal) from him, but he used to sell individual parts. He will want the 4 digit number stamped on the bottom of the pump body.
IMHO the reason your diaphram is wrinkled is it wasn't designed to move gasoline made from corn, soy beans or cow pies.

Don Elliott

Obi Wan
When I was re-building my engine in 2007, I decided to put in the new fuel pump kit that I had bought some years before. I remember that the center metal disk was a different size on the new one. I can't remember which one was smaller and which was bigger. It was after the new diaphragm and valves, that I had problems with the ethanol gas in USA. This past summer, I only had sputtering and power loss problems once. It was about 90 miles after I topped up with Ultramar in Ontario. It seemed like it was running on two cylinders going up this long gentle hill of the freeway. I did nothing to correct the problem, except that I filled up next time at Shell. Back home, I only use Shell or Esso and I have started adding Marvel Mystery oil 4 oz per tank full and had no further problems.

My 50 year old diaphragm is now in the spare fuel pump that I carry with me in the boot.

Here is a photo someone posted earlier


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Great Pumpkin

Here you are in CA talking about a parts supplier in my back yard in MA that I didn't know existed.

Thanks for the lead and welcome to the forum.


Jedi Knight
I would certainly ask around as I would be worried about the compatibility of a NOS diaphragm and modern fuels. Certainly the original rubber components in the fuel injection system on TR6s are not able to cope with modern fuels.


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I just fired up my TR3 for the first time after a 5 year restoration. During which, I disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt the fuel pump with all new parts. Before starting the car though, I wasn't able to get the pump to hand prime. Took it apart once, and everything looked fine. Took it apart a second time and replaced the brand new valves with another set of valves I had. Everything worked fine after that. Turns out the first set of valves were defective, despite being brand new and installed correctly.


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I mentioned that Tom at Antique Auto Parts Cellar supplies the oil seal with the rebuild kits. He has designed a seal that doesn't require the metal retainers that you destroy getting the old seal out.


Great Pumpkin
That's a good thing FRank. The company that made the stamped retainers (for the Big Three)stopped making those years ago and that is the only thing missing from an otherwise good kit.


Great Pumpkin
I just spoke to Tom and he also supplies the screen on the top of the pump with the kit. It sounds like a very solid design for the bottom seal as well as the one way valves inside.

Now as soon as Jeff gets those pump bodies done, we'll have some new pics and a new kit to review.
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