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A sad memory of a fellow Midget Owner.


Jedi Knight
Just last week I had mentioned of a gentleman I knew of here locally that had converted his 73 Midget to electric. I was kind of a scary looking conversion but nevertheless it worked and he drove it often. He had used some old electric mail truck and forklift parts and cobbed it through the stock 4 spd trans. I often seen him on the expressway and he would stop in to our office to show us guys of his car. Well it is pretty sad, I hadnt seen him in a while and someone here sparked a memory just a week or so ago that made me wonder. Unfortunatally there was a small article in Saturdays newspaper that showed a pretty bad picture of what was left of his midget after he collided with a chevy van. And sadly he perished as well. Just an unfortunate reminder that although these cars are sporty and fun we all need to be safe cause we are at a major disadvantage in this SUV era. He will be missed.


News like that is always a sobering reminder!! Sorry to hear that! As I recall there was some interest after your post on that conversion!


Great Pumpkin
That <u>is</u> really sad.

The world needs *more* crazy, out-of-the-box thinkers like that fellow. I admire people who march to the beat of a different drum....I think they stimulate the rest of us into doing some real thinking about things (and instead of getting any credit for this, they are often made fun of).

Probably not the sort of guy who asks, "Why?"
He was likely the sort of fellow who would have said, "Why not?"
Scott, this accident had been reported over on the MGex forum, and folks in the area were trying to fiquire out he anyone over there knew him, there even a picture of the wreckage from the local newspaper, he was reported as driving a 63 MGB. I just wnt back and looked good at the phot and sure enouhg it's a Midget not a MGB, it was hard to tell at first glance because the car was so destroyed.
They reported his name as being Merrill Zapf. THis is bad news no matter whether it was a Mg or Midget, it's always terrible to hear about this type of thing. Here's a copy of the newpaper aticle. May your friend rest in peace.


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Remember, check the car each season before hitting the road, even if it seems to be driving well and more importantly, always remember that other drivers cannot always see us in these small cars...make eye contact and keep the hand on the horn!

Hate to see any accident like that.
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