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"a few major correctable flaws were introduced"


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So I'm reading the LBC Fact and Fiction and I come upon this quote under "Design Flaws"

From 1975 to 1980 a few major correctable flaws were introduced while trying to comply with U.S. safety and pollution standards.

[/ QUOTE ].

The one I'm getting is a '79 MGB. Which of these "major correctable flaws" will I need to address - and are there any online guides that address them, so I can start reading up on it before it gets here?


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I read the comment you referred to. It is a general comment about British cars and not specific to a make, therefore, it is too general to evaluate.

That said, in 1975 (OK, 1974 1/2) MG introduced a few changes to the MGB which many deem a step back. The rubber bumpers were introduced along with their heavier structure and increased ride height. Many consider these cars inferior to the chrome bumpers in styling (a personal choice issue), but it does adversely affect the handling a bit. However, I would say it does not detract from the MGB experience all that much...unless you are in it for all out performance. It is not a reliability issue. The older type bumper and suspension can be fitted (or other accomodations made to lower the ride height), but it is a bit of work.

Second, and more significantly in my book, the MG started using a single Zenith-Stromberg carb instead of the twin SUs it had previously used. That, along with the strangling combination exhaust/intake manifold cost the 'B alot of power...and it was not overpowered to begin with. The good news is that if you are not subject to exhaust testing, the older (superior) intake and exhaust can be retrofitted without much difficulty.

Some say the carb issue may affect reliability, but I would say that if properly maintaned, a Z-S is plenty reliable...as reliability goes on an MGB.
The stock alternator generally sucks too, and can be replaced with a more reliable and higher powered GM/Saturn/Bosch unit when (not if) the Lucas one dies.


Re: "a few major correctable flaws were introduced

well the RB series made up for *some* of the initial flaw introductions with the 1977 model year. From 1977 to the end of production, the MGBs were equipped with a heavier from anti-sway bar, and a rear anti-sway bar. CB cars only had a front sway bar, but in 1974.5, when the switch to RBs occurred, the anti-sway bars were removed entirely for some mysterious reason. So, from 1974.5 to 1976, the RB cars on top of having been raised a couple of inches, and heavier bumpers added at a higher height, there was also a lack of anti-sway bars. I recall my car (1976 MGB) feeling distinctly like a boat in turns prior to modifying my suspension to lower it 2" up front 1" at the rear, add a 5/8" sway bar up front, and poly bushings all around. The biggest improvement was in changing to poly bushings and adding the anti-sway bar. The 65 series tires my car has helps out quite a bit too. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif


Re: "a few major correctable flaws were introduced

If your not in an emission controled state you can easily pull out most of the pollution equipment for a little extra power.
I actually prefer the 77-80 MGB's to the others....I like the more modern looking interior and the swaybars are helpful. MGB's where not powerful cars to start with so that side of it doesn't bother me all that much, I've got my Zeniths tunned perfectly and their very reliable. Also you can conver to a Weber carb if you choose to go that way(My LE came like this an it's beeen pretty good).


Re: "a few major correctable flaws were introduced

I agree that the later B’s (77 onward) interior is a bit more refined & comfortable. And the major down side to the later Bs’ is of course the single carb & combo intake/exhaust setup. Still it is a pretty agreeable cruiser and with the suspension upgrades it almost handles as well as most Chrome Bumper Bs’.

The front & rear sway-bars can be further complimented by lowering the ride height & tighten the suspension up with some polyurethane bushings.

The engine modifications can be a bit of a problem. Especially if you’re like me and happen to live in an emissions paranoid state like Kalifornia. But there are ways around everything. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif
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