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TR2/3/3A A cut down side curtain for Fall driving?


Darth Vader
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My TR3 is quite comfortable for cool late Fall driving when I have the heater on and the tonneau cover up except for the cold wind coming in from the driver's side cutaway door. I know that there is a company that makes an above door panel but has anyone tried to make one out of an old side curtain and have a picture?:cold:

Geo Hahn

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Seems like you could make one out of vinyl that just snaps (LTDs) from the dash end, along the door and to the rear capping. You'd have to 'install' it once you're in the car but not a big deal and easier to store than a rigid affair.

Another way to get some air flow protection is with a wing along the top of the door:


Pretty easy to make with some Plexiglass and a heat gun. Used in combination with the standard wind wings it is quite effective.


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Although I don't have any pics, I know my brother got an extra set of old side curtains (years ago when they were still pretty cheap) and did just that, cut them down to provide some shelter from the wind, worked pretty well.


Jedi Warrior
Never tried it but might be able to find a cheap set on eBay. Sounds like a good idea. i have a set that don't fit properly. might give it a try modifying them.


Jedi Warrior
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I was talking to a guy this week at VTR and he had a set of vinyl panels like Geo mentioned where it uses Lift-the-Dot connectors and connects at the front on the dash stud, then along the tonneau studs on the door, and then on the rear capping stud. He noted that a long stud is needed on the rear cap location. He did not have them installed but it appeared that they could be installed from outside the car except for the connector on the rear cap. He said they work great in conjunction with the wind wings in cold weather. I did not get the name of the company that made them for him, but I do recall he said the guy that made them has a shop real close to The Roadster Factory shop in Pennsylvania. He said someone in TRF probably could tell you the name and phone number.

They looked fairly easy to make, so making them yourself is an option. And the good part is that they use the Lift-the-Dot connectors which are not expensive. There is a really good fabric store here in Raleigh that sells vinyl intended for exterior use on boats so it is very waterproof. That would work very good for these. It is more expensive than interior vinyl but not a lot more, and it would not take much fabric to make the covers.

Marvin Gruber

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I have a set of side curtains a PO had that covered with sheet aluminum that look pretty decent that could be used for your project. PM me if interested


Geo Hahn

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I was talking to a guy this week at VTR and he had a set of vinyl panels... He noted that a long stud is needed on the rear cap location... I did not get the name of the company that made them for him, but I do recall he said the guy that made them has a shop real close to The Roadster Factory shop in Pennsylvania...

Possibly Larry Learn?

BTW - These folks have long LTD pegs: https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_...ickel-double-stud-on-8-32-machine-thread.html
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