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'78 Bonneville - Sell of Keep?


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Debating weather or not to sell the Bonneville,as it's
a project that may take a long time to finish,& don't know how much
room we'll have.
It's mostly complete,but needs an engine rebuild,plus it
needs to be gone through,but the tank is almost perfect (Red/Black).
I'm also not sure what it'd be worth.selling as-is.
Sell. Bring a Trailer. If you are moving cross country travel light! There is new stuff to be acquired there.
Sold it yesterday.In a few years my Wife will have to
hear me say "Why did you let me sell it?".
I've got a 77 Bonneville I love and is my main bike to ride. Usually ride it to Mid Ohio for Vintage Motorcycle Days every year and hang out with the Brit Bike Bunch
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