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For Sale '73 MGB Tourer

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
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When was the last time you saw a Black Tulip B for sale?

Have already posted the reason for selling in the Pub thread, but to recap, I restored this one several years ago for my wife, but she has only driven a scant few times. Even though I taught her how to drive a manual transmission before we married ('72), she has gotten out of the habit (read "lazy" - good thing she never reads these forums!), and isn't comfortable driving it. So we just bought a Jag XK8 for both of us, and this car, along with my GT V6 conversion, must go. Don't have the room for this many toys, or the inclination to care for them even if we did. Hate it, but it is what it is.

Anyway, here's the skinny: Black Tulip paint (car was originally Teal Blue), tan leather interior, tan canvas top, Tourist Trophy walnut steering wheel, matching shift knob, Sony CD stereo (no antenna, as we only listen to CDs). I rebuilt the engine, having it balanced at the machine shop (build sheet provided). Suspension and brakes completely rebuilt. And it has a great working OVERDRIVE! 15" VTO LeMans wheels (thanks, Hap!), In the 10 years since its completion, it's covered maybe 7000 miles with no issues. Plenty more to tell, but probably best to answer any specific questions directly. Also, I have a ton of documentation of what was done in the restoration process, as well as a bunch of spare parts to include. I'm including some pictures here, but have plenty and can take more - just ask.

EDIT: Just previewed, and the pictures I took with the cell phone posted upside down! Have to leave for an appt. and don't have time to correct and repost. Can email whatever photos you want - just ask.



  • Black Tulip B.jpg
    Black Tulip B.jpg
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  • IMG_20190618_161819.jpg
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Mickey Richaud

Mickey Richaud

Staff member
Country flag
Let's try a couple of the pictures again:





Black Tulip B.jpg
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