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TR6 71 TR6 Fuel Tank firewall?


Senior Member
Hi all,

I have a 71 TR6 that I bought restored. I am trying to figure out if there is supposed to be a firewall of some sort that separates the fuel tank from the cabin. My current setup has the interior panel as the only thing keeping the fuel tank from the cabin. I believe it is vinyl attached to cardboard. What came from the factory? Is this safe. My friend thinks there should be something more here for safety to keep fuel from entering the cabin if in an accident. Any help would be appreciated.



Darth Vader
I made a firewall for my TR3 racecar that went between the fuel cell in the boot and the driver compartment. I traced around the millboard onto stainless steel aircraft firewall material. Then I cut it out with aviation snips and filed the cut smooth. It was pretty thin, about .027 if I recall correctly. So I cut my fingers a few times and said some bad words. I bent a strip to a 90° angle and bolted it to the boot floor to attach the bottom to.

I got the firewall material from Charlie Vogelsong at Dillsburg Aeroplane Works.

Don't see why you couldn't make something similar for a TR6.


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Darth Vader
A few owners cut a piece of sheet metal and welded or riveted it to the rear cockpit, then placed the mill board and vinyl cover over it. I see no need for it, but what ever works for you is fine.


If you are thinking of what happened to the Pinto in years past, I have never heard of a TR6 having the same problem. They all came that way from the factory. I personally wouldn't think about it.


Darth Vader
Just came to mind, if you do decide to install a metal sheet between the cockpit and trunk, do it AFTER you have adjusted all body gaps. Otherwise, you stand the chance of making the tub more ridged, which will make gap adjustments more difficult, if not impossible.

As Bill said, I would pass on doing it.


Senior Member
Thanks for the input guys. Bill you are spot on with your Pinto comment. That is what he was referring to. I will probably just leave it for now.
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