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GT6 69 GT6+ suggested value?


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I guess the first question I have is how much rust or filler (looks like the hatch is in trouble)? It is missing parts, has no original seats and the engine is frozen (ie broken). Parts are available www.spitbits.com is local to me (price list). Do you have a good machine shop? On the plus side............ How many survive on the island and if you wanted one from the mainland how much would it cost you to get it home. Locally there is one in about the same shape here for $1500.00. They are very cool and I think will only appreciate in value. Go out with cash and offer low if the car is solid.


Andrew Mace

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Not by far the worst I've seen! Amongst other oddities, though, is this comment: "No original wheels but have 4 mg midget wheels that fit." The photos of the RH side of the car appear to show two original wheels. Oh, and MG Midget wheels will NOT fit, being a different PCD, so .... ;)


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The engine is the biggest issue. They can be a bit to source but if you take your time you may be able to unfreeze it. No inside pictures but I would say you are looking at a 500 to 700 car. gt6+ I think are the most desirable so the tend to bring best price if they are done right.

All rubber has to be done, interior is gone so most of that would need to be redone. My guess is the floors are gone and the rockers and back bottom fender. Need more pictures to really tell.

But I have gotten for less then 500 in none runner condition and the engine is the part that could be hard to find and expensive to find the right one for that model.
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