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MGB '67 B - Value?


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A guy stopped by the house Saturday with his '67 roadster,
& told me that he was thinking about selling it.He's a retired German
car mechanic from Southern California.
Anyway,it's BRG,decent paint,overdrive,all-synchro box,nice in-
terior,chrome wires w/o knockoffs.He asked me what I thought it was
worth,& I couldn't give him a definate answer.
He told me that his daughter,who lives in Santa Barbara,wants it,
but didn't think that it'd last more than 6 months if she got it.
As I have someone interested in the TR6,I'm tempted to buy it,
if the price is right.Why is it that something like this always seems to
come along at the wrong time?

- Doug


Luke Skywalker
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Doug, sounds nice. Give him a $4500 offer and see if he flinches, if it were closer I would have a hard time tuning down a nice driver at that price.



Staff member
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Price is a hard one, depends so much on condition and the local market. I'd guess between $5000 - $10,000 assuming it's a nice driver but far from perfect, and probably at the higher end of that range. '67 is a good year for a MGB in the USA, and wires and an overdrive are desired options. If it's in really nice shape then more like $10,000 - $15,000.

None of these cars are as cheap as they used to be.


Great Pumpkin
Yes....$5000 to $10000 for a reasonable driver.

I'd be happy to split the difference on those numbers for my '69 B roadster right now.


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After deciding that I'd was interested,& wanted to look at it again,
was told that it's going to his Daughter in Santa Barbara.

- Doug


Obi Wan
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But, if you decide to go that route, there are plenty of nice, mid-60s MGBs around. Keep an eye out, and you'll find a nice one for a sensible price.
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