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65 to 67 carbs wanted


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Hi BCF guys

I’m in need of a pair of Carbs for 67 or earlier. If you have a set please get in touch.

Thanks for all your help guys. I found a set of carbs.

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Yes, I have a set of early HS4s. Can rebuild and install new o/s throttle shafts.

Thanks Jim. I was able to buy a pair on eBay about a month ago for a very reasonable price including the intake and exhaust manifolds. If you still have yours what would you want for them? I might have someone else interested. Let me know


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Hi I have a big valve cylinder head, and two carbs and the inlet manifold with . a repair kit, I you are interested.. £200 the lot...plus carraige


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Hi I have a big valve cylinder head, and two carbs and the inlet manifold with . a repair kit, I you are interested.. £200 the lot...plus carraige
Thanks for the offer. I was lucky enough to find a set a few weeks ago.
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