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54-56 Hillman Minx [Rootes] parts?

Lonnie Dunn

Freshman Member
Hello Folks,

I just purchased on Fathers day a 1955 Hillman Minx Mark VIII Convertible that does not run has no brakes and has a very badly damaged right front fender and front grille. I understand that 1954-56 fenders will interchange. I'll take any grille I can get. Does any one know of any dead 1954-56 Hillman Minx's out there in some wrecking yards. Any good Rootes family spare parts vendors you know of that sell Hillman items? I thought fellow Rootes family members might be able to extend my search past Orlando, Florida. This is my first British car. I have been restoring Studebakers for over 25 years. This is my only project now.
Thanks for any help I can get.


Great Pumpkin
Welcome Lonnie:

Over the years, we've had several Hillman (Hillmen?) cars in our family....all of them sadly now gone. My father actually worked for Rootes, when we lived in the UK, in the 50's.

My first car was a '50 Minx flathead four (in the 60's) and later, a family member had a Minx convertible.

A reasonable source of info and parts can be found at:


If you're looking for body parts, one source might be the following:


Good luck.

Joe Litefoot

Over the past 15 years I've dragged home over 50 old British Sedans. Which is just about every one
that I could beat the crusher to. Strangely, I have never found one of the older Hiilmans. I did drag home one late 60's sedan with the 1600cc ohv engine and someone sold me a couple of engines once. The only other Rootes vehicles I have are a 1969 Commer Motorhome with the 1725cc engine, a 1969 Commer camper Van and a 196? Commer panel van (looks like the little Ford econlines of the 60's). The Motors all run strong and flawlessly, better, I would say, than most of the Austins I find.
Anyway, hope you have lots of fun with your Hillman, glad to hear one more survived.
Don't think I have any parts that would help and I'm a long ways away from you too.
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