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5-speed trans capacity??


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I don't have my paper work with me and I can't recall how much oil the 5-speed should have. I filled it till it ran out the fill hole and now I wonder if I messed up and overfilled it. How much should it have in it??


Till it runs out the fill hole!! (Assuming you are filling thru the plug in the side of the trans.)



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Thanks. I was hoping I had done it OK. Now to get the SU's and the timing set correctly. I drove it today for the first time but it lacks the power it should have and it overheated. The air temperature was 90ish but the radiator went in the 200 degree range. My buddy thinks the timing may be a factor and he doesn't like the way my H4's are set. There are times when this hobby isn't the fun I'd like it to be.
You running twin H4s on a 948, they don't even do that with 16.0 to 1 948 race engines, way too much carb for streetable 948 car. I'd look at finding a set of HS2s for that car.


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These carbs were an option installed by Donald Healey in England shortly after I bought the car from him. They installed them along with what they called a "high efficiency exhaust system." It was headers and a pretty much straight muffler. Back here in the States Dave Tabor reworked the engine to what he said was as much as could be done to it and still have a street driver. It has the valves fron a 1098, the head was shaved 0.080 and it was bored 0.040. Along with that the engine was balanced and the flywheel lightened. There is also a hot street cam. It ran very well for me for nine years before I pulled it to do the body rebuild that I just completed.
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