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TR2/3/3A 37XXX and 27XXX the steering column was split


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Somewhere between 37XXX and 27XXX the steering column was split in two on a tr3. The tub I want to use is 27XXX and so is the frame, but I want the split column. It looks like I need a bracket welded on the frame 27XXX frame and some bolts/nuts onto the fire wall for the back bracket on 27XXXX tub to fit a spit column The split column should be adaptable to the early tub 27XXXX because 37XXX tub is where the split column come off of and is basically the same tub and is before the big change at 60,000. Anyways if this not too confusing, I would like to go with the 27XXX tub and split column and want know what others think.


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That is what I thought too Marv, but sometimes I am wrong. There is some difference in length, but that should hide where the column comes out of the dash.


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The bracket for the split column is on the frame tower, not the tub. If you're using the split frame, there is no tub difference.


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I restored a 61 once, and I kinda remember some bolts coming through the cab on the back part of the columns second/top piece, but I am not sure. I will try looking for some pics or are you saying John that like a 59 or so with pre 60K ts number did not have a bracket in the back and just the one under the dash?


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The split column steering after TS34533 had 2 x additional brackets -

An (aforementioned) half moon bracket welded to the spring tower to brace the lower column.

A dogleg shaped bracket which bolted to the engine side of the firewall to support the lower end of the upper column.

For wiggle room, leave these brackets finger tight until the columns are aligned and the stator tube passes through cleanly.

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