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2016 Jaguar F-Type with manual shift...worth it?


Senior Member
Seriously, when paddle shift cars first hit the mainstream a few years ago consumers were excited and wowed at the thoughts of driving their cars like a race car driver or like some high tech video game. The only downside was after a few time of playing with the paddles and running up and down the road showing all your friends, it just becomes a novelty item.

Read full article at: https://www.torquenews.com/3477/jaguar-f-type-manual-shift-v6#sthash.gjjmLurH.dpuf


Darth Vader
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You must not drive or own a new sports car. Paddle shifts are a must if staying in comp these days. Nothing shifts quicker.


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No, I currently own two Mustangs with manual 5 speed and I just love to shift the old fashion way :smile: I do enjoy the paddle shift cars though!


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Most everybody I talk to with paddle shifters on the road cars say the same thing as CTJ, it is not a matter of which is faster, but which is more fun to drive. The people I have talked to with the paddle shifters or button shifts or whatever use it a few times, whoowweee isn't this fun, then for the most part stick the car in auto shift mode leave it there most of the time. There is a difference between stabbing at a button or paddle and picking a gear, and coordinating clutch gear and throttle to drive a car.

I like clutches too, but they sure make better automatics or auto clutches or DSG or whatever they call them trannies these days, they are so much better than the three and even two speed (remember those, early GM and even early Hondas had two speed automatics!) of the cars of my youth.

I think I read they projected they would sell less 15% or so with clutches. Wish they would have made the XK8 with a stick, I might be shopping for a good used one now if they had.


Great Pumpkin
" There is a difference between stabbing at a button or paddle and picking a gear, and coordinating clutch gear and throttle to drive a car."

Amen to that! Remember the original Ford-o-matic, with only two automatic speeds? low rpm to high rpm - CLUNK - low rpm to high rpm.



Darth Vader
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My competition Mini is a 6-speed Gretrag. Really smooths and quick, just two too many on short track, but good on street and in Rallyes. My Countryman S has the 6-speed Steptronic, which, like above, is usually left in auto for regular driving. But, on fast back road driving is put in manual sport mode, dsc off, for quick up and down shifts for usually 2 hr. sprints. In PDX track would be in manual. My Rover is auto mode unless I want to blow a Lexas or Tahoe on back roads or stop light pull. Yes, auto is nice but, I grew up with a manual XK 140 Coupe for sport and a Mercury Monterey Custom with Cruisematic Auto and 390 4bbl and 4:11 rear gears for drags. After 35 yrs with manuals, I have had a mix in the last 12yrs.


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Ah guys, God gave us two feet for a reason. To work the clutch....:playful: Besides, since so many don't know how to drive with on anymore, makes it tougher to steal.
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