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TR6 1974 TR-6 project....I'm holding my breath and praying


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I've had this car for about 8 months and am trying to get the courage up that some of u have. I've come to the conclusion that the body has to come off the frame if I am going to to do the right thing. It has a 69 engine in it so I've really considered the 5spd and q45 opinions for the drive train. I am from Seattle so there is probably alot of rust to content with. There has been some really good info on this type of car but I can't find some of the links since the new web site came out. One member put a Hunter(???) body on his project but the info was really good. Can someone send me the link ..would appreciate it. Will keep u guys informed:p


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Well I made my first score..I got a 1997 Q45 third member for 160.00. 98000 miles on it and no leaks. Going to take the flange off and send it to goodparts. If anyone know where to get a w58 transmission please do email me



I scoured Craigslist and Ebay to find the W58 for my 6. But I haven't had a chance to take it to the Tranny shop yet. You should be able to find one <$200 but it'll take some looking. When you do find one look for metal shavings in the oil. If the tranny's been drained, remove the lower right bellhousing bolt (17mm, if I remember correctly) and check there. The bolt goes all the way through to the internals and will show any filings.



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First of all, welcome.

Taking the body off is really just wrenching, not that much to it except the grind of having to disconnect everything. If it is just the floor pans that can be done in place, can your post some pictures of the areas in question?


Hi Steve,

I`m sure your probably doing this but take a whole lot of "Pictures" of everything you take apart so you know how it all goes back together in a "Couple of Days" or a "Couple of Years"!!

Have fun,



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If you need any pictorial help on the 5 speed and Q45 diff......... check out my site as it's all well documented there along with a ton of other stuff I've done. You're going to need the diff flange machines to mate with the driveshaft so drop Rick Patton (www.pattonmachine.com) an email and ask him to do it for you. He's CNC is all set up to machine them.


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Steve, a good restoration source for the TR6 is the book "How to restore Triumph TR5/250 & TR6 by Roger Williams". He goes into great detail with lots of pictures.


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Steve, I'm in the middle of a body off restoration. First one, but what I've learned so far....
Take lots of pictures and catalogue them.
Bag everything you take off and label it well.
Take lots of pictures. You won't remember how things came off, but the pictures will help.
Get to know lots of the helpful web sites. Bobby D has an amazing one.
Take lots of pictures.
I made a binder where I keep various articles on repairing / restoring various things. It will come in handy as you go thru the stuff.
and Take lots of pictures.


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Yes to all of the above, also for the assemblies you can put them back together after you take them off, i.e. put the fasteners back on where they came off it you can, lot easier than looking at a box of bolts two years later and figuring out what goes where, even if you are going to replace them, good place holder.
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