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1951 Hillman Minx


Freshman Member
Hello! My name is Atom.
I just picked up a '51 Minx the other day and have begun restoring it to some extent. I am missing a few things and I hope to have this car lead me to a new car enthusiast community. I have been doing Datsun 510's and 521's for some time now and I am excited for a new project. I have some photos I will post tomorrow.

So far I have fiddled with the wiring to the engine and got it to run, cleaned and adjusted the carb to let it idle smoothly without smoking. Also I installed a 64 Ford brake master since the master that was in it was shot. The Ford master was the closest I could find that was in stock at the autoparts store. It seems to work just fine, though my wheel cylinders seem to have locked up. I have begun to remove them and will try to rebuild them the best I can or find new ones.

Is there any where that sells these parts still?

Also does anyone have any photos of a '51 minx's heater box/controls? The car I picked up has a toyota box in it and I would like to change that out.


Great Pumpkin

I can't add anything except to say that I owned a 1951 Minx.

That was over 40 years ago.

There is a fellow who seems to be a sort of "guru" on Hillmans (but he is here on the east coast).

You can reach him via his website:


He may be able to help you.

There is also a fellow named Jan Eyerman who is the publisher of a Hillman newsletter.

Read the newsletter here:


You can reach him via email:


Or this website:



Jedi Trainee
In the UK, so a bit far away, but if you can't find parts over there;

https://www.speedyspares.co.uk/ are Rootes specialists, Powertrack supply cyls for all sorts of old vehicles, Past Parts will sleeve them.


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Anyone have any tips for removing the steering wheel? I tried removing the turn/brights/horn circle that doesn't move but it doesnt seem to have a nut under that. am I doing this wrong?


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There's a guy that just introduced himself in the "New Members" section you may want to link up with. His is a 1954 Minx.
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