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1913 Sunbeam


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I can't wait to see what the rest of the history of this car is:



<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:] History of car in Australia

28/10/1913 McGhees the Sunbeam agent had on display 25/30HP chassis. Peels Ltd of South Brisbane will build a body on purchase. Mr. EE White of Hamilton Brisbane suburb was the first owner. This information was obtained from the Brisbane Courier mail (motoring section)

Not sure of exact history from 1913 to 1953 where the Sunbeam was found along with two other 1913 Sunbeams just north of Brisbane name not available. The Guthrie family of Brisbane purchased the three Sunbeams with the option of purchasing one other, however when they went to pick it up the owner had just sold it to another person. On 1959 the three Sunbeams were sold to George Gilltrap of Coolangatta Queensland and the cars were on display in his motor showroom Gilltrap sold the three Sunbeams to Mr. Janis Palfreman a collector of Silver Ghosts, he really only wanted the bodies from the sunbeams so he could put on the Ghost Chassis, but only one body was used, which happens to be the one off my chassis. In 1963. Janis Palfreman gave the Sunbeams to dad (George) to sell, the two with the bodies on, dad sold very quickly to members of the VCC of Australia, they are still the same Owners to this day.

Well on my birthday Dad gave me the Sunbeam November 1963. It has been in storage from 1963 to 2000, when work was started on the restoration. It is now complete.

I tried to collect information on previous Owners through the department of Motor Transport Queensland, however their records only go back 20 years.

Racing history to Follow: - [/QUOTE]
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