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Spitfire 1500 Spit exhaust manifold fit a 1500 midget?


Anyone know if there is room to custom bend an exhaust down pipe to make the twin outlets work on my 77 Midget or is it dumping into the frame to close? I have fitted the dual 1.5 SU Spitfire manifold from the UK with the smallish Midget exhaust manifold and am looking to avoid a header on the street.



Jedi Knight
Can't help you myself, but I'll be watching this thread out of curiosity. I've read where the slight horsepower difference between the Spit and the Midget was due to the exhaust. I'll bet you get a knowledgeable response soon. Good Luck


Jedi Knight
just looking at the picture oe the mainfold I am sure this is possible. Ive seen custome headers fit in alot tighter spaces. But Id have to say it would likely take a few custom bends cut and welded together tightly. Dont think the mod would be cost effective. Get the header and have it Jet hoat coated.
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