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1300 cam bearings in Midget 1500


Freshman Member
Anyone know if cam bearings from a Spitfire 1300 would fit the cam for my '79 Midget 1500 if I had the block machined to accept them? I seized the cam and I don't want to have to get a new engine block just to get back up and running.


I don't have a direct and simple answer for you. However, you could go to an online source like Spitbits.com or Victoria British and compare the part numbers for cam bearings and/or cams for the 1300 and 1500 to see if they are the same.

Of course, you could also pose this question on the Triumph portion of this board.


Great Pumpkin
I am pretty sure the answer is yes. You *may* need a 1300 cam (the journals may be different)
I just asked this question on the Triumph board last week and got an affirmative answer from one member.

For a definitive answer call Ted Schumacher at 419/384-3022

He owns TSI Automotive and is a Triumph engine guru:

I just mic'd a stock 1500 cam . i get 1.965-1.966
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