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Austin Healey 100 Registry Questionnaire

The 100 Registry is attempting to document the current status of as many of the 14,600+ Austin Healey 100's originally manufactured as possible. Any or all of the information requested below on your car would be greatly appreciated. Please note that none of the information submitted is stored on the British Car Forum server. Instead, when you click the submit button, it is automatically emailed to the AHCA 100 registrar, Randy Hicks. Please direct any questions or comments to him at In accordance with the policy of the Austin-Healey Club of America, any personal information (name/address/email), etc., is held in confidence and is NOT provided to any other party without your prior approval.

Complete as much information as possible. If note sure, leave field blank.

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NOTE: All personal information is held in confidence and not released to anyone without your prior permission.


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VIN: Please fill in the appropriate field on the right for your Vehicle Identification Number. Fill in only one field. Do not include the "BN1" and/or "BN2" - these will be appended automatically. (fill in only one VIN field)


From the black and silver tag mounted to the right frame rail (early BN1), drivers outside foot-well or firewall (BN1 & BN2).

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Year: Please select the year that you consider your car to be. Year:

Batch and Body Numbers: Please enter the batch and body numbers.


From the rectangular tag on firewall, above left of the Voltage Regulator.  Top number is the Batch Number and bottom number is the Body Number.

Batch #

Body #

Engine Number: Please enter your car's Engine Number.


From the tag on the right side of the engine by the distributor.

Engine # 1B
Le Mans Options: Please enter your car's original color (if known) and current color. Le Mans Options:


Exterior Color: Please enter your car's original color (if known) and current color. Color (Original)

Interior Color: Please enter your car's original interior color (if known) and current color. Interior (Original)

Convertible Top Color: Please enter your car's original top color (if known) and current color. Top Color (Original)

Top Color
Parking/Turn Signal Lights: Please select the choice that best describes your car's front parking/turn signal lights.

Parking/Turn Signals:

If Other, Describe:

BMIHT Certificate: Please indicate whether you have the BMIHT certificate (original manufacturing date) for your car.

NOTE: If you do have the BMIHT certificate, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide a copy for the registry record. You can scan a copy and email as an attachment to:

BMIHT Certificate?

History: There is no other place where the continuous ownership history of these cars can be documented and preserved but this registry. Most owners are interested in the history of their cars but, since there has not been a place to record and preserve it until now, too much of that information on these 50+ year old vehicles has been lost. Most of this information has to come from the personal knowledge of individual owners, thus the registry desires to record as much as can be known about the ownership history of each car. Therefore, in the text box on the right, please indicate as much as you know, similar to the example below:

Example: Purchased 12 April 1984; Previous owner: Richard A. Gray, Newpost, NC (1 Feb 80 - 12 Apr 84); Previous Owner: Carl E. Melvin, Kinston, NC (12 Sep 77 - 1 Feb 80); etc...
Please provide any history of the car as you know it (Names, Addresses, Periods of ownership - day/month/year, if possible) of as many previous owners as possible.

Disclaimer: The registrar of the Austin Healey 100 database is not affiliated in any way with British Car Forum. They are simply allowing us to provide this form as a courtesy and convenience to Austin Healey 100 owners.