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Thread: 1968 Sprite MKIV Lights/Electrical

Discuss the Austin Healey Sprite and the MG Midget. Two different but similar cars sometimes referred to collectively as the Spridget.

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    Re: 1968 Sprite MKIV Lights/Electrical

    Headlight relays are really a good addition. They take most of the load off the original switches and generally result in brighter headlights... especially if you switch to halogen sealed beams. There are kits our you can make the assembly yourself, neither is difficult to install. Take a look at the kit at
    They include a schematic online that shows the connections. The schematic would allow you to make your own kit if you are inclined to do so.
    (Click the link on the left for "headlight relay kit" for both the kit and its schematic).

    A similar kit is available from Victoria British as a "heavy-duty headlight wiring harness".

    And again... from Moss
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    Re: 1968 Sprite MKIV Lights/Electrical

    Quote Originally Posted by NullReturned View Post
    Jim et all,

    So you would highly recommend adding in a relay? How difficult is it to do so? I'm not afraid of wiring, as I went to school for Electrical Engineering. I'm just a bit out of practice, but I want to make the car more bulletproof.

    Also, any thoughts on the LED conversion kits that are out there for the car lighting? (Headlights, backup, brake, etc) Would the LED lights be overall brighter and easier on the battery?
    The relays and halogen headlights are definitely worth the trouble but I tried LED tail light bulb's and the stock with with the stock reflectors were brighter. Also need to take into account that a special flasher would be needed for the turn signals since LED's don't draw enough current to make the stock flasher work. I added a third LED brake light.

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