Hi to all in the Lotus forum,
One of my good friends here in town died two years ago. At that time I put a post in the Lotus forum for the widow to see what the car would be worth. She thought she would keep the car and drive it herself, but has now decided to sell it. It is a 1995 that they bought in England in early 2000s. I think about 2003 and shipped it over. They have driven it, mostly him, a bit over the years. The car is in good shape, but not spectacular. Drives just great, but the interior needs refurbishing. It does have the bigger motor I am told, but I'm not sure what that means. I can send pictures of the car to anyone who wants to see it and if you are interested I would then give you her name and email so you could deal directly with her. I have NFI in this and only would like to help her sell the car. I think she is asking about $29K, but I am sure she would take offers.


Austin Healey and 240Z owner