Tr3 rear axel oil seal and shim pack on the pinion shaft. Has anyone figured out a clever way to set the drag at 15 lb like the books say? Every time I do this I think that there has get to be better way. I usually end up doing it by feel and guess. Because by the time I torque the castle nut to 85 to 100 lbs, I cannot help but think that I have kinda push back the bearing back some. Then there is that whole natural gear drag thing from the ring that you kinda gotta compensate for. I just kinda pull everything tight and turn it with my hand and say well that is a little loose or tight. I do not know, my buddy says just put it back the way it came apart after you put the seal in. However, I bought this car in 1982 and it was not running then and I have never driven it. It looks like this thing is not a virgin, so what would you do?