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Thread: Hey Guys & Gals!

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    Hey Guys & Gals!

    I've been too busy for car stuff of late. Sad but it's true. I do try to keep up with BCF via email notifications at least.

    My TR8, at least, is over at a friend's shop getting a little periodic love and a little closer to roadworthiness.

    The baby, Miss Eleanor, is growing by leaps and bounds. We're finally settling in to having a baby around the house again. The wife's school semester ends tomorrow, and I've got one heinous honey do left: gutting and remodeling the master bathroom.

    So, in theory, should the bathroom be done soon, I'll return to my normal car activities until we do our summer pilgrimage to Seattle to hide from the heat.

    Hop everyone's car projects are going well, my southern peers are already driving, and my northern peers are getting ready for the end of winter!

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    Re: Hey Guys & Gals!

    Welcome back!

    Snow is gone here (altho' 28 degrees this morning), and the TR will take me to work this weekend. Great driving weather. Also keeping busy at the air museum, and continuing to work on Rolling Wreck.

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    With luck, Rolling Wreck and I will be heading through Arizona on the way to California next fall.

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