SWMS next event is the first weekend of August, 2011. It is usually our largest of the year. Saturday includes the drivers school/high performance driving experience.

If you or anyone you know has any desire to go fast, SWMS and Sandia are THE place to do so. Guaranteed no police tickets or heavy fines. If you drive with your head up and locked, you may be dis-invited.

If you don't know SWMS, our school is unique in that we allow street cars (very safe and controlled) and we try for a 1 student to 1 instructor ratio. The instructor usually rides with the student for instant feedback.

SWMS is a "gentlemen's" racing club. In other words, trading paint is frowned upon even in the full race prepared classes and groups.

Check our our website and Facebook fan page. We invite and welcome everyone to enjoy a day at Sandia's 14 turn 1.6 mile road course.