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Thread: Rochdale Olympic on E-Bay

General discusssion about other British cars that don't have their own forum (yet).

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    Re: Rochdale Olympic on E-Bay

    I'm not too sure that John Cooper had much to do with Mini Coopers at all, apart from loaning the name and a little bit of "specialising" in the early days. It's said he persuaded Issigonis to build a perfomance car and that may be right, and Cooopers did use BMC engines in smoe of their racing cars until the 105E Ford & Cosworth blew them away, but it probabyl woudl have happened anyway. BMC comps was quite capable of tuning a Mini. Probably the fact that Copper were F1 champions of '59 and '60 had more to do with it than anything.

    As for which way round - probably whatever they thought sounded best. Lotus Cortina, Mini-Cooper, whatever!
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    Re: Rochdale Olympic on E-Bay

    Quote Originally Posted by bcliff
    Quote Originally Posted by WhatsThatNoise
    Quote Originally Posted by BIBBER
    It would definitely be a draw at any US British car events.
    I'd walk right past any new Austin Martin to check it out.
    Just being nitpicky here(curse my OCD!), but would that be the same as an ASTON MARTIN? I don't think Lionel Martin ever had an association with Austin. One of those things that pop up in conversation, being an Austin owner. I also seem to spend a lot of time explaining why the car is a Mini, but not a Cooper.

    No, that's Austin Martian - the prices are out of this world......
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