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Thread: Saw a DB9 last night for the first time

General discusssion about other British cars that don't have their own forum (yet).

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    Re: Saw a DB9 last night for the first time

    I've seen a bunch of those DB9's around here.....looks alot like the Jag XK...I like the DB9 thou, I don't like the XK....they lost that e-type look, now it just looks like any other high end luxury/performance car.
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    Re: Saw a DB9 last night for the first time

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    Mickey, no matter whose wind tunnel you use, if you throw a blob of clay on the table and hit it with enough air, it still blows into the same shape.

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    So ~that's~ how Bucky Fuller came up with the Dimaxion! Always wondered about that. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/jester.gif[/img]
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