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Thread: Battery relocation ponderings and considerations (and ideas?)....

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    Battery relocation ponderings and considerations (and ideas?)....

    I am SLOWLY getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel on the seemingly perpetual metal work on the MGB body, to the point where I can at least spare a little mental bandwidth for contemplating next steps.

    This is one of the years that used the dual 6 volt batteries. Wedging even the smallest 12 volt battery into one of the 6 volt wells looks iffy at best (unless I goto a motorcycle battery or larger lawn tractor/mower battery). And I'd like to have the battery in a more protected location where there is room for a protective box and such. Logically speaking the trunk is the next best bet, but that brings up its own questions in terms of mounting, cable routing and venting. I have been informally told that AGM batteries (like the Optima ones) don't need venting, but I can't get any form of definitive yes/no on that.

    I'd like to repurpose the existing 6V wells for speaker boxes (since I absolutely HATE when people cut through the trunk bulkhead to install speakers and this body has not been chopped up in any way like that) which makes relocating the battery attractive as well.

    So - any of the more well-experienced folks who have done (or decided not to do) this, I'd like some insights and info to know if it can be done properly, and if so how.....

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    Re: Battery relocation ponderings and considerations (and ideas?)....

    My 1970 might be different, but I installed the boxes from Clark and Clark and fit a battery in the passenger side. It’s tight, but I used a common size battery and it fit.
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    Re: Battery relocation ponderings and considerations (and ideas?)....

    A "26" or "26R" battery fits the 6-volt well snugly, but it fits. As for radio speakers, there's room under-dash to fit a couple small speakers without cutting holes in the body. There are some amazing speakers available.

    The caveat to my answer is: I'm less interested in listening to a sound system than I am listening to the engine and other audio "clues" coming from the cars. Our MGB is an early car (steel dash) and I fabricated a center console in place of the single speaker under-dash. Concession to sound system is as described above, a "modern" Panasonic AM/FM/CD player with small speakers.

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