I'm doing a rebuild on a 948. This project has been on-and-off for about three years (no need to elaborate). But here are some details:

A professional machine shop did the following:

- Re-bored the engine to .040
- Installed a supercharger cam shaft and new bearings.
- Polished crank shaft, installed new bearings, installed crankshaft.
- The rear plate was professionally modified for new (1275) oil pump. The rear plate and new oil pump were installed.
- Gerard's rear scroll kit was installed.
- Installed a duel timing chain.

Hap Waldrop rebuilt the cylinder head - its ready for installation.

The machine shop set the timing.

I need to complete the engine re-assembly. I originally disassembled the engine in the USA in 2017. I laid out the parts in sequence as i did the disassembly, but I moved and a moving company gathered up, boxed up, and shipped to me in Barbados. Yesterday I installed the new pistons, rings, and bearings.

I have a sense of what to do next, but my Haynes Manual and Brookland's Books Owner's Workshop Manual don't give an exact sequencing fo re-assembly, so I'm looking for some direction. Tell me if this looks like the proper re-assembly sequence;

1. Install new lock tabs to the bottom caps on the connecting rods. Torque down.
2. Install the sump strainer.
3. Install the sump reservoir.
4. Install the tappets and pushrods
5. Install new head gasket and cylinder head

That's enough for now. but should I wait until after all this is complete before installing the distributor driveshaft?