1975 Midget 1600 Installed new brake master cylinder as old one had an unfixable leak. Both my Midget shop manuals *did not*specify bench bleeding the new master, a chore I chose to avoid since I didn't need more brake fluid slopped around hooking up the brake lines to the master. Since this is a solo project I got out the MiteyVac and tried to draw some new fluid from the filled-up master via front wheel bleed screw. It won't draw any significant fluid whether brake pedal is depressed or not. 30psi on the gauge.

Going to the other front wheel, I got a positive indication and the level in the master went down a little. Can't hook up line to rear wheels as the bleeder screw is too close to the brake drum edge to accommodate the vac line and wrench.

Cannot get any pedal at all. By the way, tried bleeding air out of master by loosening brake line connections with pedal depressed...can't tell if it worked. Seems like maybe one side of master is working and other is not. Didn't check closely on respective reservoir levels. I've done the brakes and clutch on this car several time before but I'm stumped.

TIA for any suggestions that you may provide while I go back out to cuss at the car some more. Jim