2100 last night. Out in the shop...wife calls....something's on fire and a hang up.

Furnace. Gas. Payne. High efficiency and all that rot.

Popped the covers, motor...can't hold my hand on it for long.

Killed power locally, borrowed space heaters from neighbors.

2230, had a think, back down to the basement furnace room.
Power up locally, hold the interlock in, and wait. All the other stuff cycles...hear the main relay close, and no motor.

Reach around the open and of the squirrel cage and spin it. Spools, flame propagates, heat comes out.

Called an electrician neighbor this morning...he had a cap in his truck....got it, stuck it in, been cycling normally for over an hour...and I did the back of hand test on the motor...less than ambient.

Saved $165 service call and $50 for a cap........or whatever they'd nail me for the cap.