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Thread: Sometimes life is reality TV

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    Sometimes life is reality TV

    SWMBO and I are in Florida (near Disney) for a couple of weeks. After Ontario, SWMBO's greatest desire was to get her car 'properly' cleaned inside and out. Took it to a local place (Kissimmee) to a place with a good online reputation. Indeed they did an amazing job on the car.

    However while waiting, the supervisor tells one of the employees to re-vacuum the carpet he was working on. Guy slams down the vacuum, says 'no one is telling me how to vacuum a car' - quits, grabs his backpack and walks away. Of course the supervisor is slightly embarrassed but OTOH it ain't exactly the brain trust of the neighbourhood if you know what I mean.

    Work continues apace. Now what would be the odds that the guy with the car key in his pocket would be the guy who quit. Oh yes!

    Took more than an hour to resolve - supervisor chased after the guy to find him - but couldn't. Then took an Uber to the guy's house (Supervisor was the guy's landlord and doing him a favour to get him some income). Still couldn't find him. So, I called SWMBO to take an Uber to bring the other keys.

    Of course she was no more in the Uber than the guy shows up - very apologetic - he had gone to buy smokes, reached into his pocket and voila.

    And of course the supervisor also had to call his boss.

    So a few hours later, free car detailing, free Uber - and away we go. Quite a morning!
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    Re: Sometimes life is reality TV

    Not to worry, Florida has plenty of Keys
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    Re: Sometimes life is reality TV

    If you're coming through Roanoke on your return,get
    a hold of me - we have a spare room.
    Just Remember.......
    NOBODY ever says "COOL PRIUS!"

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    Re: Sometimes life is reality TV

    Quote Originally Posted by Gliderman8 View Post
    Not to worry, Florida has plenty of Keys

    We can always count on you, Elliot...
    "There are three kinds of men. One who learns by readin'. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on that electric fence for themselves." Will Rogers
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