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Thread: BJ7/BJ8 exhaust systems

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    Re: BJ7/BJ8 exhaust systems

    FWIW, my dad bought a Falcon SS muffler for our BN2. When first installed, I thought it sounded tinny compared to the mild steel one on other Healeys, but after a few hundred miles--maybe running a leeetle rich--the sound has mellowed-out and now sounds like a proper Britcar should. The BJ8's muffler--Frankenmuffler--is now comprised of Ansa pipes, minus the little resonators on the tips, and Heartthrob mufflers from JC Whitney. It has a noticeable non-Britcar bark, and people sometimes think I have a V8 under the bonnet. When new, I thought the Ansa made the car sound more like a 6-cyl Ferrari--pitch was higher--than a Britcar.

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    Re: BJ7/BJ8 exhaust systems

    Quote Originally Posted by AUSMHLY View Post
    In my quick search for original Healey exhaust photos, I came across this.
    Anyone looking for a slightly modified Healey? Owner seems to like the cove's of the Corvett vs Healey. Check out the center console too. More mods, I dare you to click on the link.

    1967 Austin Healey 3000
    Running driving car, 289 ford motor (runs good but is tired)C4 automatic trans, top chopped 3",seats lowered through the floor 3", custom tuck and roll interior, front wheels widen 1" and rear wheels widen 2", have original grill and some chrome pieces that will come with the car. Some minor paint chipping, headers need to be painted. Small exhaust leak from 1/8 inch hole in pipe. The taillights have a break in the line but work with rerouted line. Solid car, owned for 30 yearsby owner who did all the work.
    Attachment 61274Attachment 61275
    I've actually seen this car in the flesh about 20 years ago at a local car show. It is "unusual". At another show a couple of years ago I met a couple who knew the man trying to sell it. They told me he used to pull a small trailer behind it from Massachusetts to Florida and back when he wintered there. I asked about the through-the-fenders pipes and was told that was the only way the builder could get the exhausts to work. He was asking around $30k for it, IIRC, which may explain why it is still on the market.


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