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Thread: Called Taz most of my life

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    Called Taz most of my life

    HI, new here, but am an old guy. Tazmanian or Taz was what most people reverted to when they glanced at my last name and decided it was too hard to figure out (though it isn't).

    I've had British cars most of my life starting in High School when I bought my first - a Bugeye Sprite for $100. Dad and I rebuilt the engine on the kitchen table while Mom was out of town one weekend and that hooked him on British cars too as he commented that the big end bearings were as large as American iron's.

    Since then he and I have had many of them through the years. I have mostly settled on Jags, but have had Healeys (Sprite and a 100-4), TR4 and a Morris Woody (again $100).

    I've worked on them myself over the years and enjoy that challenge of "if someone made it, I can fix it".

    Now I've got Jags since '66 and continue to work on them, though they are more expensive and a bit more complicated than the others.

    I'm retired now so I have time to work on them, but it's always the trade off between having enough time or enough money to get something done.

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    Re: Called Taz most of my life

    Hi Taz - welcome to BCF.

    My first car (high school) was a Mk VII Jaguar. My parents thought I'd be safe if I ever got into an accident with a Greyhound bus!

    When I retired in 2003, I started the fateful decline: MGB, TR3, M-B, Rambler, and now my MGTD.

    Here's the BCF Jaguar forum:

    (I had my sights on an early '60s MkII, but never got around to it. I think Inspector Morse stole my idea.)

    Retired means: No job, No worries, No money!

    Tom M.
    Mac & Phyllis Take a Trip:
    History: 1976 MGB, 1959 Triumph TR3A, 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190b, 1958 Rambler American.
    Current: 1953 MG TD27318.

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    Re: Called Taz most of my life

    Hello! I'm still driving a Bugeye (though I did have a big Healey 100-4).
    - Mark

    Former 1956 Austin Healey 100-4 (BN2)
    Former 1962 Mk1 Austin Mini (850)
    Former 1973 Austin Mini (really a 1980s Cooperized Mini)
    Present 1959 Austin Healey "Bugeye" Sprite (with 1275, 5 speed, discs, etc)

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    Re: Called Taz most of my life

    Hi Taz. BTW, my wife had an uncle named Taz.
    Never express yourself more clearly than you can think.
    '48 Ford Prefect
    '67 Sprite (project)
    '74 Super Beetle
    '73 MB 450SE
    '04 Saab Arc


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