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Thread: Making your own tools (Sometimes)

Discuss general restoration and car care topics (paint & body, upholstery, woodworking, etc) as well as tools.

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    Making your own tools (Sometimes)

    For those of you who has a T series MG, you know where I'm coming from, especially TF owners. I still believe the manufacture of TFs threw a bolt on the floor and built a car around it! This is evident when you have to remove half a dozen things to get at one item. But then, that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. Like removing and replacing the front air cleaner, your hands are too big, the wrenches are too long, etc, etc! So, reluctant to cut down an expensive Whitworth wrench, T series have a bunch of these bolts and nuts, I modified an old metric wrench to fit, opened the jaws and cut it in half. The lanyard goes around the wrist to keep it from falling on the floor, which happens with me to many times! Ever try crawling under one of our little cars to retrieve something, not fun! Here's the wrench and it works a treat! I just made another wrench but have no picture of it. PJ
    TF Air Filter Wrench.jpg

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    Re: Making your own tools (Sometimes)

    I have a drawer in my tool chest reserved for "custom" tools like that, and it's mostly full.

    For example, the overdrive solenoid on a Stag requires a wrench that is 1" AF, but only 3/16" thick and about 5" long.

    Recently, I bought some old parts bins that I believe once belonged to Douglas Aircraft or one of their successors, and found some very strange tools in them. For example, steel handles made of barstock 1/2" thick and 3/4" wide bent to a tight "S" shape and welded to a heavy socket. Dunno what any of them fit, but someone sure put a lot of work into creating them. Must've been important, once upon a time.

    So it's not just MG-T with issues like that.


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