Iím writing to ask if others have had a wiring accident similar to mine and to ask how was the wiring harness evaluated and fixed.

My car is a 1960 Mk. I with an original, un-modified engine and wiring. My wiring accident occurred soon after a new Moss wiring harness was installed, while the car was being re-painted. Someone accidentally turned on the ignition switch (and apparently turned on the light switch, too), then walked away for several hours.

The taillight fixtures and license light fixture were connected to the wiring harness when the accident happened, but they did not have bulbs in them. The lights in the front of the car were not connected to the wiring harness. (Most wires under the hood, and the panel lamps switch, were not connected, yet.)

The lighting wire that goes from the ignition switch through the firewall was burned in two, close to the ignition switch. The wire from under the hood that returns through the firewall and goes to the rear lights was left mildly damaged, with some melting of the plastic covering (solid red in color) at the tail-light fixture. The melting was noticeable at the Right tail-light, but no melting at the Left tail-light.

It looks like the damage to the red lighting wires was the only observable damage. Signs of other damage havenít been found, but the other parts of the harness have not been cut open.

Have you had a similar wiring accident? What steps did you take to evaluate and recover from the accident?