After owning it for a couple of years and putting about 4,000 trouble free miles on it, Iíve decided to sell my 2005 Elise. The Elise is an amazing 21st century embodiment of the immediacy and engagement of classic British sports cars. Itís a thrill to drive on Lotus appropriate roads. Unfortunately many of the places I want to go to involves droning along on multi-lane roads at highway speeds. The Elise is not the most pleasant or convenient conveyance for that (and yes, Iím getting old).

It is mostly stock, has low mileage (20,xxx mi) and everything works well. The color is Starlight Black and it has an LSS suspension. Given the New Mexico repaired title, I have lowered my asking price compared to a rough average of comparable cars. Iíd like to get $28k, but Iím open to offers or even a trade The car is located in northern New Mexico.

I posted more information and more photos at
The photos accurately represent the condition, except that the paint on the rear clam has some flaws donít show up clearly. Feel free to post here or email pajarito atayteeteedotnet