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Thread: It doesn't pay to cheat

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    Re: It doesn't pay to cheat

    I wrote a couple of song parodies to the tune of Okie from Muskogee. One redneck version, one not. Here's one verse from "Left-Wing Loony Outta Berkeley". Sing it out loud. You know the tune.

    And we buy our children's way into a college.
    A nice donation it will have to be.
    And a phony resume instead of knowledge.
    Will get you into Good Old USC.

    I would make a video but I don't wanna get sued by Merle Haggard's Estate although Kinky Friedman got away with one. Maybe he asked permission?

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    Re: It doesn't pay to cheat

    Quote Originally Posted by pdplot
    although Kinky Friedman got away with one.

    WOW! Kinky! "Get th' bread in th' oven...!!"

    Not the reference, but a song from back-when.
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