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Thread: "Power Wall"?

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    Re: "Power Wall"?

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidApp View Post
    A friend just had a Generac system installed. He had to have a LPG tank installed as well as he was not on natural gas. His wife did not want the "Ugly" tank in the yard close to the house so he had it buried as far away from the house as he could get.
    Total cost for the tank, hole and pipe added $10,000.00 to his cost if installation.

    Paint flowers and a gnome on th' frippin tank!!
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    Re: "Power Wall"?

    Quote Originally Posted by NutmegCT View Post
    Side note: I wanted to use the Thanks icon on John's post, but when I clicked it, I got:

    [] operator not supported for strings on line 182 in /home/bcf/public_html/bcf/includes/functions_post_thanks.php
    #0 /home/bcf/public_html/bcf/includes/functions_post_thanks.php(137): fetch_thanks('1120562', '', false)
    #1 /home/bcf/public_html/bcf/post_thanks.php(64): thanked_already(Array)
    #2 {main}

    Ain't computers great!

    Update on the "Thanks" button problem:
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