Lots of positive comments on the 'net about the Tesla Power Wall. Quality material, stores electrical power. But I can't find any comments on long-term use, other than things like "when the power went out for a few minutes we didn't even notice."

Question: If the grid goes down and you rely on the Power Wall for your house ... how long does the Power Wall supply power?

At $7800 for the PowerWall 2, plus $1000 for the hardware needed, plus est. $2K for installation, you're talking $10K. That's not even considering the cost of a solar panel setup.

Sure can't find any charts or tables on this other than "The PowerWall 2 can supply power for one or two hours", with no detail on the current draw used.

I'm thinking that, except for short "power blips", a standby generator is probably more worthwhile (unlimited power as long as it's fueled up).

What say ye all?