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Thread: After being parked for over a month

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    After being parked for over a month

    Yesterday's weather forecast looked good, we've had nothing but rain for weeks up to now. The MG was nestled away safe and dry for the whole time. I decided it better get some exercise with the good weather after hurricane Dorian passed us by. Got in and let the fuel pump fill the Weber, hit the starter and... NO START! hmmm... one more time, just because. Nope. Open bonnet, scratch head, pop the dizzy cap off. Ah HA! "Fuzzy points." I've indexed the dizz after the rebuild, so yanked it out in a minute to bench it. A piece of #220 wet-or-dry run through the points and reinstall. Hit the iggy and VROOM!!

    Pleasant afternoon going to meetings and cruising around in between appointments. A young guy in a newer Caddy rolled down his passenger side window and shouted: "Beautiful car! What year?" Told him '64, he remarked that was two years before he was born and asked if I'd done the work. Yes, said I, he gave me a thumbs-up with "Great job!"

    Funny how some of the younger folks with their noses in their 'phones pay NO attention to surroundings, yet the "middle age" peeps see an LBC and have to comment. "My dad had one! Wish he'd kept it." Or: "I had one in high school, it was my grandad's but I couldn't keep it running."

    Fun day playin' out! Plan to do it again today.
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    Re: After being parked for over a month

    Yup - every time I drive one of mine, it's great therapy. Good for what ails ya!
    "There are three kinds of men. One who learns by readin'. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on that electric fence for themselves." Will Rogers
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    Re: After being parked for over a month

    I'm thinking that driving our cars on residential roads and backroads will do more to get young'ns interested in the hobby, than displaying the cars at car shows. (And it's sure safer than driving them on the interstates!)
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