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Thread: When did Google Maps become so faint?

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    Re: When did Google Maps become so faint?

    I like browsing and planning with large paper maps, but when I am on the road (or on the water) I love having a GPS that tells me where I am on that map. I don't have the ability to use Google maps because that requires a device with constant data connectivity, so I use the OpenStreetMaps Navigator on my Android device (its a phone but technically not a phone because it has no SIM card or cell service). I also have a small Garmin but its much more difficult to update the maps on it - the Android device I can just take into any bar or coffee shop that has WiFi and hit UPDATE MAPS. For the Garmin I have to get a laptop computer, plus the Garmin, plus whatever version of the software might or might not work on the laptop, plus whatever driver might or might not work - haul it all to somewhere with WiFi and hope it works. The Garmin when updated is better however. It can track position even on a plane, something the cheap phone cannot.

    I don't often use the turn-by-turn directions, usually just being able to see the map and where I am on it is enough information to get where I want to be. Google maps is by far the most informative (one of my friends had it on his phone while visiting a city neither of us were familiar with, and it even was able to give us accurate and reliable public transit info for taking the bus or train) but the downside is it is completely dependant on the internet - get somewhere where the internet isn't and you're on your own. My cheap phone with offline maps could tell me exactly which oil rig I was passing by in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico 300 miles from the nearest WiFi hotspot.

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    Re: When did Google Maps become so faint?

    And sometimes the GPS voice just isn't what it used to be.

    Back in the 1950s, I remember listening to the Monitor Radio weather forecasts. Given by Teri Thurman, known for having a ... provocative voice.

    Here's Edie Adams on the Ernie Kovacs show, giving her impression of Thurman's style. Skip to 1:30.

    (Even today, I remember my teenage reaction to Thurman's "Minneapolis ... 75 ... cloudy".)

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    Re: When did Google Maps become so faint?

    I also have CityMaps2go on my cell phone for use when I'm out the country as it can be used completely off line.
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    Re: When did Google Maps become so faint?

    Elliot, I reckon any city I am traveling to is going to have traffic issues so I just plan to sit on my rear and don't get in a hurry.
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